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Existenzgründung / Start Up

The Challenge of
Start Up

Entrepreneurs and Company Founders are regularly confronted with operative challenges especially in the field of Financing and Taxation. Shortcomings in these areas are typically identified as key factors for a failed company, especially in an early stage. To this background it is to be considered, that already the choice of a legal form can have significant influence on financing and taxation. To avoid future disadvantages of a disadvantageous strucutre, a early coordinated approach is required considering vast implications.

Company Founders and Entrepreneurs engage in contractual relationships with business partners, customers, banks, suppliers and employees. Only if a coordinated legal and tax structure has been established the underlying business can be successfull and risks minimized.

Typically these challenges can not be overcome by the Entrepreneurs and Company Founders Support by experiences consultants is beneficial in this context.

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Our Services in the field of Start Up Conuslting

» Paricipation of Investors

  • Supporting in early stage discussion with investors
  • Consulting on tax optimized structure for the participation of investors
  • Tax and Business Consulting in regard to discussion with investors
  • Company and Business Valuation in the context of restructuring, participation of investors or sale of company

» Alternative Financing

  • Expert oppinion for public agencies
  • Application for investment subsidies
  • Support in establishing discussions with banks, bank accounts and financing issues
  • Consulting on subsidies, suidized loans
  • Avice on alternativer financing: Crowdfunding, Crowdinvestment, Mezzanine-finance

» Tax Compliance and Ongoing Tax Advice

  • Support in upholding legal and obligations
  • Supoorting in upholding Tax Compliance requiremnts
  • Tax filing
  • Preparation of annual Financial Statements
  • Continous tax advice
  • Gewerbeanmeldung bei Behörden und bei dem Finanzamt
  • Establishment of bookkeeping
  • Setting up Payroll Accounting and Report System


Our proven Consulting Approach

Company Founders and Start Ups are confronted with various questions and challenges in the context of a dynamic environment.

Considering these unique conditions for Company Founders and Start Ups we offer - based on our extensive practical experience - a comprehensive and proven consulting approach.

We consult for our Clients not only on tax related issues, but also in all relevant areas. Our integrative consulting appoach, includes Business Management and Organizational aspects as well as issues of Accounting.

We closely support our clients from the beginning in all relevant matters.

Dr. Benjamin S. Cortez

Dr. Benjamin Cortez, StB

Certified Tax Advisor
Master of Laws in Corporate Restructuring
(LL.M. corp. restruc.)
Branch Manager Stuttgart

Phone: 0049 711 / 3000 94 26
Fax: 0049 711 / 3000 94 31

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Philipp Gaerte

Philipp Gaerte

External Business Consultant

Phone: 0049 171 / 241 098 44