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  • M&A / Transaction Advisory

The Challenge of
Transaction / M&A

A Corporate or Business Transaction represents an integrated process. The questions arising in the context of Corporate or Business Transactions are versatile and complex. Corporate or Business Transaction are fact based: the Value of the target company, the quantification of potential risks, the underlying financing model, tax related aspects. In Addition "soft" factors play a vital role. Factors such as Corporate Culture, Communication as well as Leadership Style. To this background the successful conclusion of Corporate or Business Transaction requires experienced and well-timed coordination.

For more than a decade we have assisted our Clients in concluding successful Corporate or Business Transaction in a domestic and international environment. We hereby assist our Clients from the beginning. A Partner leads the Consulting Team as a fixed and reliable contact and actively coordinates and communicates in all aspect of the Project.

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Our Services in the field of Transaction Consultancy

» Developing Strategies – Identifying Potential Deals

  • Analysis of the Competitive Environment
  • Identifying of Market Developments and Trends
  • Selection of potential Target Companies
  • Analysis of Risks and Rewards
  • Transformation of Strategies in concrete Business Decisions and Measures
  • Valuation of the Strategic Options relating to the contemplated acquisition of the Target Company
  • Identifying of Synergy Potentials from Business Units, that contribute to Value Creation or Value Destruction

» Evaluation of Deals, Target Companies and potential Transactions

  • Valuation of the Target Company including Intangible Assets
  • Establishment of Cashflow- and Profitability Projections
  • Review and Analysis of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, P&L)
  • Evaluation of the Market Environment
  • Presentation and Analysis of the operative circumstances
  • Development of a Financing Concept and Identifying beneficial Investors
  • Identifying and Structuring a tax-optimized Transaction Structure
  • Identifying potential Tax Risks

» Realization and Implimentation of Deals

  • Preparation and Analysis of all relevant Information and Facts
  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence
  • Establishment of a Pro-forma-Budgetary Planning, including the Target Company as a Basis for Investors and Banks
  • Implementation of a tax-optimized Transaction Structure
  • Assisting in discussions with Investors and Banks.

» Services rendered in close coordination with our legal cooperation partners

  • Drafting of Confidentiality Agreements / Non-disclosure-Agreements
  • Drafting of Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Drafting and Review of Company Acuqisition Contract
  • Support in Contract Negotiation
  • Consulting in Closing Conditions, especially authorisation from the antitrust authorities, Financing Agreements with Banks, Agreements with Unions
  • Consulting on Rationalisation Measures and Processing Measures
Michael Schlecht

Michael Schlecht, WP/StB

Certified Auditor
Certified Tax Advisor

Phone: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 20
Fax: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 99

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Werner Schulze

Werner Schulze, WP

Certified Tax Advisor

Phone: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 30
Fax: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 99

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Dr. Annette Zitzelsberger

Dr. Annette
Zitzelsberger, StB

Certified Tax Advisor
Specialist Advisor for
International Taxation

Phone: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 42
Fax: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 99

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Dr. Benjamin S. Cortez

Dr. Benjamin Cortez, StB

Certified Tax Advisor
Master of Laws in Corporate Restructuring
(LL.M. corp. restruc.)
Branch Manager Stuttgart

Phone: 0049 711 / 3000 94 26
Fax: 0049 711 / 3000 94 31

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