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  • Business Valuation

The Challenge of
Company Valuation

The occassions for Company or Business Valuation are diverse and numerouse. For instance Company or Business Valuations are necessary in the context of M&A transactions. In the context of a continously changing economic environment  corporate transactions (M&A) are steadily increasing. In Addition coroprations tend to cooperate and merge business pactices or sectors and strice to finance by means of capital market. All of the aforementioned circumstances necessitate a Company Valuation.

Also in regard to restructuring measures, the change in shareholders or in relation to Company Succession a Company Valuation is regularly required.

The necessity for Company Valuation is not just prescribed in the context of business decisions, but moreover also due to corporate or tax law requirements.

Performing a Company Valuation is a unique and challenging task. The identification of the objective Company Value is especially complex due to the numerous value influencing Parameters and dependent of the reason for the valuation.

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Our Services in the field of Company Valuation

» General Consulting Services in the field of Company Valuation

  • Participation Valuation German GAAP / IFRS / US GAAP
  • Tax Valuation
  • Calculation of capitalised earnings value
  • Valuation of Real Options
  • Multiplying Factor Valuation
  • DCF-Valuation
  • Company Valuation in the context of M&A

» Valuation in accordance with IDW S1 and IDW RS HFA 10

  • Audit and Valuation relating to assets in kind
  • Valuation in the context of Legal Proceedings
  • Valuation of Participation for the purpose of Accounting
  • Determination and verification of the appropriateness of compensation payments based on the Law of Corporations (Aktiengesetz, AktG)
  • Determination and verification of the appropriateness of compensation payments in the context of Contract of Domination and Profit Transfer Agreement based on the Law of Corporations (Aktiengesetz, AktG)

» Valuation for tax purposes

  • Tax Structuring
  • Exit Taxation
  • Participation Valuation due to Tax Aduits
  • Cross-border relocation of Business Functions
  • Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Inheritance Tax

» Fairness Opinion

  • Fairness Opinion for the purpose of verification of appropriateness of the underlying Transaction price
  • For the purpose of ensuring the  appropriate decision by executives (verification)
  • Oppinion as Independent Expert

» Expert Report

  • Judicial and extrajudicial Valuation as Arbitrator
  • Evaluation for domestic and international Courts of Arbitration such as the ICC

» Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

  • Identification of the Assets
  • Selection of appropriate Valuation Method
  • Determination of relevant Parameters
  • Determination of Valua
  • Doucmentation of the PPA


Company Valuation

For more than a decade we have been assisting our clients in the preparation of Company Valuations. We closely advise and assist our Clients in Company Valuations, be it due to Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Initiatives, Fairness Opinion or in the context of M&A Transactions. As Certified Auditors we both have the expert knowledge and long-standing experience required for high value Company Valuations.

Dependent on the concrete purpose of the Company Valuation and the respective Environment our Valuation Experts assist in the valuation process of our clients.

Our experienced Valuation Experts continously engage in expert discussions in regard to current subjects of Company Valuation. Based on the case at hand our experts choose an appropriate and reliable Valuation Method, Analyse the Company History and conduct supporting market Analysis as well as reviewing the Corporate Planning.

Based on our extensive experience and specialisation in the field of Copmany Valuation we have Access to both expert knowledge and a vast Network of experts.

Michael Schlecht

Michael Schlecht, WP/StB

Certified Auditor
Certified Tax Advisor

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Fax: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 99

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Werner Schulze

Werner Schulze, WP

Certified Auditor

Phone: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 30
Fax: 0049 89 / 24 29 16 - 99

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